Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The three musketeers

No place is better to think and ponder than the Seven 11 on the corner of Brunswick/Johnston St. Note the relaxed sitting position and the question mark on Erigge's face: if I wasn't on a diet, I'd go for the chocolate doughnut. How many calories would that have?

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Two odd characters, who wanted me to take a picture of them soooo badly. Disturbing experience.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Flitze Fleischmann

It's him in the photo underneath, still being studious - well, actually I think he was writing a little short story about Valkyries to present at the Gorgeous Night @ Erik's place last night (good fun, I tell you!). So, I guess that's alright then but it still looks like he's being really good and disciplined... Unlike some other people (note the empty chair next to him - at least the computer is turned on, and also: someone had to take the picture, right!)

He's leaving. Tomorrow. Which means the lunches will become quite a lonely activity from now on. mmh... What am I going to do without him? I guess, I'll lose weight... which is maybe not such a bad thing after all. Nobody likes 300 lbs girls falling on their desk in the library, especially not when she's singing (learned that last night). So, it's all good. I'll miss him anyway though.

Tschuess Flo, alde Schnidde!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

a blurry office.JPG

a blurry office.JPG


The creator (of this blog) herself playing with her new toy. A bit sceptical still. She usually dislikes pictures of herself. A lot.

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Erik's Pady

Erigge, as close friends of his call him affectionately, is now officially 25 years plus one day old.

So much to his birthday... I wasn't there to celebrate it with him because some people need to earn the money here to provide the local German community with at least the basics. That was my job this weekend. I went up to Yea (yes, this is actually a country town name) and helped out at a wedding function. I'm over polishing glasses now for a while! Well, the money comes in handy especially if one doesn't have any and still goes out and buys a digital camera and gets a very expensive ticket for the Tori Amos concert that's coming up in May (rrrrrrrrreally looking forward to that!!!) I guess, life is short and money is there to be spent, hey!

Oh well, Yea is two hours north of Melbourne, and it was such a beautiful ride up there and back and the weather was fabulous and I got an overdose of instant coffee...

Guess what: my parcel (containing the newly purchased digital camera) has arrived. Need to quickly run to the other building and get it and play with it and take pics and forget about all the work that I should do. There's always a tomorrow, I reckon!


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I've been wasting my valuable time trying to come up with a kickass cover letter and a CV that makes people go: "Gosh! Who is this girl? We have to meet her! We have to give her a job!" Not that it's impossible. In fact, I think I'm pretty close to the above described scenario. However, most of the application deadlines for the journalist's traineeships (which is what I think I really want to do because I'm talented enough with words and ideas... fishing for compliments here!) are at the end of April for the jobs to start either late this year or in the beginning of 2006. I thought I could just apply from Melbourne and go back home and start right away but it's more complicated than that after all. The whole selection process of writing a sample report and being interviewed unfortunately coincides with my thesis here, SO I guess I don't have an excuse anymore to put off thinking about my thesis. Well, the break was nice. At least I'm prepared now for next year's deadlines...

I wonder what I'll do then... maybe I should consider becoming a bum, a couch-potatoe, a parasite of society. Would make the whole thinking-about-the-future thing unnecessary, which would result in me not feeling pressured and stressed out about it (the thought of going back to Berlin and applying for social welfare is not soooo appealing...).

Anyway, I'm here now and I'm not yet an adult. Got another couple of months before I have to face the bare facts of real life. And the way it looks right now, I'm going to have a ball with my thesis and a Wundertuete in my ear! Yey!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Guess what...

around this time next week I'll have my very own digital camera!!! Well, hopefully! There are soooo many impressions that I haven't been able to document, I'm just going to have to catch up on the last couple of months and let you peep into my Melbourne life, after censoring, that is!

Sitting at the Centre with Anja next to me typing away. Should I feel pressured? Intimidated? Annoyed? No, hang on, motivated! Yes, that's it. Well, I came here today to start working on my future, which means: lots of online research, application deadlines, CV update, arse-kicking cover letters, and last but not least, I will have to find a friendly soul back home who can be bothered doing some printing out, copying and posting for me... (Anyone interested in instant karma???)

Rock on!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Exciting news

well, at least for me. Don't know how I'm going to pay for my living in April but I just won the bidding for a digital camera on ebay!!! Yey! I'll have my own camera soon and then I can provide you with some pictures of my ever so exciting life in down under, like my house, my flatmates, the Melbourne uni campus, the coffee place where I get my fix for the day (unless I'm at Ren's cafe first), Ren's cafe in Brunswick, Ren and all the other people I've talked about, myself (even though I'm really not very photogenic... but I figure since this is my blog you should also get to have a look at the person who writes all this interesting stuff and makes you want to come down to Melbourne and check it out because it's soooooooo cool!)

Anyway, it's now officially autumn here and apparently it's spring in the northern hemisphere. Well, so far autumn hasn't let me down. It's still sunny and warm and beautiful in Melbourne, so no need to get worried about me. Yet. I guess now that I'm raving about the great weather it's going to be the opposite pretty soon. But let's not talk about that just yet. I'm sure you'll hear all about it when it's actually happening.

Not much else to talk about though. Still bumming around mostly reading lots of cinema and gender studies stuff, watching films, and trying not to get too involved in emotional issues. The latter is sometimes a bit of a challenge but nothing like Inga at her best. Have been able to keep my feet on the ground while still enjoying the good bits about spending time with that very special person... Guess, I should get back to that half a page that I wrote a couple of hours ago before I got carried away with the ebay business. Naughty!