Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'm currently reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, which the title of today's blog entry is referring to (just in case you don't know why things are happening the way they're happening). I should be far too busy to update the world about my exciting little life, then again I think it's important that I do. I'm convinced that it makes a difference. At least to some poor buggers that call themselves my friends.

Anyways, I've spent 3 and a half weeks in the working world so far. Amazing changes include:
1. friends and family think that my job is my hobby... my mother wants to give me books about pets and animals, even though it's not my birthday any time soon and I never expressed any such wish. Also, my girlfriend calls me to make sure I don't miss the great BBC special on the animal world on telly. What the? (little insider for people who've read what I'm reading)
2. no surfing the net in my spare time anymore... I'm spending enough time in front of a screen as it is while I'm at work (I'm actually using this expression now: "at work..." weird, huh!)
3. days have become so long all of a sudden... true and false at the same time. They are longer because I can read the clock and I know that getting up at 8 is early (for me at least). They are shorter because time goes by really quickly when you've got stuff to do, so all of a sudden it's 6 p.m. and you're on your way home and wondering what the? you were doing all day.
4. Kleinvieh macht auch Mist... working is expensive: coffee, smokes, food, treats, public transport etc. Realisation: I need more money!

Amazing constants:
1. I'm still not a morning person.
2. I still hate having to think about money.
3. I still need to think about money.
4. There's a LOT of people that I'd love to see more regularly.
5. Foot and I are still together and trying to work through our problems.
6. Sunday is Sunday is Sunday.

Amazing changes to come:
1. Baby poop and heart-breaking, eardrum-bursting crying on a regular basis. Mostly at night.
2. More defined and darker circles around my eyes.
3. More people running away from me, especially in the morning.
4. Panic attacks from settling-down-phobia (girlfriend, job, family... the boring existence of a "normal" person is waiting around the corner...) Am I ever going to go back to Melbourne again??? Will I be stuck and not notice forever and ever and ever?

Olé José! What the? You're going to catch a colder. Which I already know.