Sunday, April 05, 2009

vampires and werewolves

there's at least one thing to look forward to when you come home on a saturday night slash sunday morning and all you want is snuggle up in bed and read till you can't keep your eyes open...: number four of the twilight series, which after new moon and eclipse is called breaking dawn. yep. is it a good thing that my pregnant sister (due in a few days!!!) was actually sobbing when she finished reading it??? hmmm. must've been the hormones, huh!
well, i have to admit that i finally and quite unvoluntarily got sucked into the whole vampire meets weird teenage girl meets werewolf story. apart from a few little literary drawbacks (like utter indulgence in emotional misery, which tends to draw on any patient reader's commitment, and the occasional very obvious educational morale - apparently the author is a mormone and NOT into sex before marriage!? go figure!) i've quite enjoyed the ride so far.
so i guess i should get into bed and see if hormones make a difference after all, huh! or if i'm just as predictable as anyone else... will keep youse updated;)