Friday, March 24, 2006

skinny legs

As a lot of you guys know I'm NOT a morning person, never have been, never will be. And now I've got an even better excuse to not get up than just being a grumpy bugger: the prospect of hobbling and crutching around, of manoeuvering on one foot in the shower, in the kitchen, in the lounge room... You know what happens when everything happens on only one foot? I was shocked this morning when I had a look at my legs dangling from the bed: one is at least fifty percent bigger than the other!!! I'm a one-sided skinny-legs vs. massive-legs crutch operator! Looks awfully strange.
Well, I still get up in the morning (midday) and do the routine (which takes more than an hour right now). I still shower and make coffee. I even do some work! I sent off an article for a possible book pulication yesterday. Was very proud of myself. Now I've only got two deadlines left until the end of the month. One is the Making Of of our little film, the other urges me to get more transcriptions done! Which reminds me...

Have to run (hahahahahaaaaaah)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

hospital report

Back from the nirvana of Spandau. Now I've got my very own hospital story to tell! You might not be able to fathom how important this is BUT after 4 days of two old ladies on either side of my bed (me in the middle of it all) telling me their love, life, family AND hospital histories, having a story of your own is like having attained a membership to a very special club! Better than a TV soap. 24 hour entertainment and all for free! See, one of them was almost deaf, so whenever she got going the other one would not be able to make her opinions and - no doubt - highly significant stories heard and that would upset her a little bit. Little Inga caught in the middle would try to do her best as a talk master or mediator but it always ended (well, it never ended but that's another story...) with the other one exploding her unheard stories into my ears when the deaf lady eventually got distracted.

Anyway, I escaped the never-ending story last Friday and since then I'm experiencing the ups and downs of a life as a physically impaired Berliner. I don't really do much but what I do takes a LLLLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNG time. The simplest things suddenly become missions impossible. but don't worry: I will survive! It's only another 4 and a half months after all... no big deal! (I hope you noticed the underlying sarcasm in this statement... whinge!)

Ok, and now enjoy the photo of sick foot and healthy foot! (Please notice the pattern of my new couch! Nice, ey!). The other one shows me in my new surroundings: my sick corner including a physiotherapeutical device with which I can do physio for beginners without leaving the house!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Moi! Of course, who wouldn't... it's still going to take a while but HEY! I got your attention, didn't I?

This is my last entry as a hospital virgin. There's nothing much to tell but whinge on and on about soon being a crutch operator. Sounds good as a job description, doesn't it?

Anyway, my mobile is allowed to be my guard and contact to the outside world while I'm lying sick in a hospital bed, so if you want to talk to me DO!!! Number: +49 176 20955370.

For Berliners I'll just put up the address as well, since you might happen to be somewhere as remote as Spandau: Havelklinik, Gatower Str. 191 in Spandau, very close to the Havel...

All the best, me luvly ladies and gentlemen! kisskisskiss i