Tuesday, January 13, 2009

poetic but just misunderstood

it's tuesday morning. you've just received an email from the faculty of humanities of an australian uni, expressing interest in publishing the paper you submitted about 2 and a half years ago about grotesquery and australian cinema. memories of painful thesis writing flood your brain along with a sizable splash of pride that someone far away is still thinking about you and something you created a long time ago (or so it seems). then you have a little peek at ebay if the auction on the macbook pro that you sooooooo want has already exceeded your non-existent budget. it has(n't) but it's still 22 hours to go. you keep thinking how wonderful life would be if you just had this new computer... and then you read this: my life and i split up 6 months ago. you think wow! someone must have been really depressed or just has a fantastic sense of humour and the poetic! turns out that life was actually wife...

oh well, tuesday mornings. we love them!

Monday, January 12, 2009


i'm sick. i've got the apple fever. again. all i wanted was to upgrade my beloved powerbook so i could install avid, some programme i want to show off with. of course hehehe.

anyway, after some research i discovered that i need to install the current operating system (leopard) because avid only runs with that. so then i looked at software to purchase but i didn't only look at the software. my eyes kept drifting off to forbidden shores, my fingers manouvering the cursor to fateful subsites... and now i'm right in the middle of a dilemma: i fell in love with the macbook pro. i can't afford it but i want it. real bad!!! it's strong and fast and sexy and i hate to say it but it's much better than my old one which has served it's purpose but cannot keep up anymore.

let's call my powerbook deirdre and the macbook pro would be candy. deirdre is wearing glasses and brown cardigans and always has a book with her at all times. she's highly intelligent but timid and repressed, a creative genius with an aged attitude. candy on the other hand is just real bouncy and takes the whole world by storm. she knows everything better, likes to intimidate others and sticks out like a sore thumb. her nickname is "eye candy"...

okayokayokay, i am sick, aren't i??? HELP!!!