Friday, September 03, 2010

my favouritest shoes

there they are:

aren't these the best looking shoes ever? elegant, sporty and comfy at the same time. geez, i love you, Ecco Catch Slippers!

i found them by chance a couple of years ago in a small store in downtown Warnemünde (yepp, i was in tourist mode). seagulls all over the place, attacking people with yucky baked fish in their hands, trying to actually eat it. okay, i admit it, i was one of them but after one bite i gladly left it for the hungry birds to finish. an experience i don't have to make again.

so, there i was, a shopping grump, forced by my girlfriend to enter each and every shop along the whole bloody tourist strip. i was not happy, jen! so, after a bit of moping and standing around and staring, i decided i should at least use some of this wasted time and look around for a new pair of shoes. i needed one anyway. and you never know, you might actually find the perfect fit with the perfect look in a spot as desolate as Warnemünde.

I DID! and the best thing: it was ON SALE! i should have known then that this was my last chance to hoard as many of these shoes as possible but my account at the time was in a constant state of malnourishment. even this one pair almost meant bread and water for the rest of the month... i know, drama. that's the fabric of life... big sigh.

anyhow, i never regretted having spent my last penny on them. they were a part of me and my feet for the longest time. they still are BUT i forgot them in berlin the other day. next visit in four weeks. what a desaster! all of a sudden, i was shoeless. well, not exactly but i suddenly realised that these shoes were the only ones comfortable and still good-looking enough to go to work with and meet new clients... in the end, i had to dig out old shoes and wear them. result: sore feet and a feeling of self-consciousness.

hmmm, so far, so good. what do you do in this kind of situation? yes, you get on the net and order a new pair online. was about time anyway... so i did, only to find out that there is NOT ONE pair left in my size on the whole bloody planet! BUGGERINSKI! i was ready to actually spend a good bit of money just to have the same pair of shoes one or two or three more times!!!

so what now? i did the next best thing: i wrote a letter to the manufacturer begging them to reintegrate my all-time favouritest shoe in the new collection... yes, that's how desperate i was... i am...

two days later i ordered a pair of the current collection. not on sale. not the same. i'm devastated.

but wait! maybe that's my calling: make my own shoes! become a shoemaker!

call me MICHAEL! and buy me a helmet! HA!

Monday, August 02, 2010


halb 7 aufgestanden. arbeit. igitt. besonders die, die man nicht gern macht, wie transkribieren und buchhalten. lieber transpirieren, bauchhalten und geld verdienen! deswegen: wenn ich irgendwann mal reich und schön bin, dann lass ich andere für mich arbeiten und gehe so gegen halb 11 erstmal in den pool meine bahnen ziehen, um mich nach einem ausgiebigen frühstück in meinem madonna-nackt-kostüm mit der geilen marieke auf der straße zu prügeln. am besten auf dem potsdamer platz. je mehr bewunderer desto besser. alles für die kunst natürlich. das nennt man dann nämlich installation und das video dazu wird in der neuen nationalgalerie ausgestellt mitsamt dem kostüm und den unweigerlich eingebrannten schweißflecken. geil. so machen wir das, mariekschen. oder?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sonne draußen, icke drinnen

was ich tue: so tun als ob ich arbeite, mir das hirn zermartern über intelligent klingende bewerbungen, beschämt meine unpolitische natur beäugen, krampfhaft versuchen kreativ zu sein.

was ich gern tun würde: lesen in der sonne, einen intelligenten und erfüllenden job haben, meinen muskelkater loswerden, wat leckeres zum mittag essen.

was andere für mich tun können: meiner intelligenz schmeicheln und glaubhaft versichern, dass die zukunft rosig aussieht, wat leckeres zum mittag für mich kochen!