Saturday, May 03, 2008


most of the time i feel almost. almost happy, almost heartbroken, almost relieved, almost awake, almost in the mood for exercise, almost busy... in bed, in grass, in cars, in front of computers sitting on desks, listening to music vacuuming or writing...

what is left of most of the time are instances of joy, fear, hatred, love, desire, wholeness. little avalanches that flood my brain and tickle my toes.

AND THEN all of a sudden you hit your shin, you spill hot coffee on your lap, you get moved around like a soccer trophy, someone you love is too tired to talk, you get caught speeding (AGAIN!), the sun stops shining and you're sitting in your new office on a weekend while no-one's there except your most annyoing colleague.

it's may and horses snicker. yey!