Monday, December 28, 2009


neulich in dresden: "vorsicht ist die mutter in der porzellankiste."

fragen: meissner porzellan?

warum ist die mutter in der kiste?

eingesperrt von vati oder stieftochter oder gar vom eigenen muttersöhnchen?

da soll man dann draus schlau werden...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

more than ONE good reason to read SPIEGEL

copenhagen, Copenhagen, COPENHAGEN! formerly known as the capital of Denmark, it has now become the synonym for the once ambitious and now desperate cry to save the planet we live on, we depend on. Representatives of almost 200 different countries and hundreds of scientists attended the climate conference and discussed the necessary global treaty to prevent the drastic climate change that will eventually leave us searching for a new home (if there's still someone left to do that then...). What all those people came to attend though was not a conference about the climate and how to prevent it from failing us or rather how to prevent us from failing it, it was a gambler's paradise to play russian roulette with economical interests. The Europeans gambled a fair bit with Merkel, Sarkozy and the rest of the European crew but the masters of the Universe are undoubtedly the US and China because neither of them wants to concede possible economical advantages to the other... for fantastic insights see this

Funny. Really. They don't realise that very soon no-one is gonna benefit or have advantages from a fucked climate! It's all about money and power, the oldest reasons for mankind to make life hell for each other. These are the reason why socialism didn't work and they will be the reasons why the apocalypse is not far now. Thank you Mr Presidents!

Oh well, as long as we're all fucked, huh!

PS: we got nothing to lose, so sign THIS and at least we can say we tried all we could...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kulturtipp "Isch bin ein Börliner"

Hamburg: 10 Tage vor dem diesjährigen Jubiläum des gemeinnützigen Vereins "MEDIENJOBS für ALLE", kurz MfA, bekräftigt die ehrenamtliche Vorstandssprecherin Inga von K. mit jenem geschichtsträchtigen Zitat ihre Verbundenheit mit der deutschen Hauptstadt, nachdem der Verein erst kürzlich den Stammsitz nach Hamburg verlegen musste. "Uns blieb aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen leider keine andere Wahl", erklärt Frau von K. und verweist dabei auf die schon oft zitierte und noch immer instabile Weltwirtschaftslage.

Dies mindere jedoch nicht die Vorfreude auf das nächste Geschäftsjahr, von dem der Verein eine Entspannung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, speziell im Bereich der Medien, erwartet. "Wir sind sehr zuversichtlich, dass wir unsere Ziele und Wünsche im kommenden Jahr werden umsetzen können" sagt Frau von K. und wirkt dabei so entschlossen wie der ehemalige US-Präsident, aus dessen Mund die berühmten Worte "Isch bin ein Börliner" stammen. Kämpferisch wie ein inkarnierter Kennedy fügt sie hinzu, "Wir werden uns weiterhin für eine Ausrottung des zunehmend unverschämten Praktikantenhandels einsetzen, sowie für intelligente und bildungsfördernde Inhalte in den Massenmedien, angemessene Bezahlung aller Medienschaffenden und ernsthaften Klimaschutz. Dies alles sind Themen, die die Welt beschäftigen oder zumindest beschäftigen sollten, denn nur so wird man der globalen Verarmung, Verblödung und Klimaerwärmung Einhalt gebieten können."

Diejenigen Leser, die sich mit Frau von K. über diese und weitere Themen austauschen oder auch einfach nur in das nunmehr 31. Jubiläum mit ihr reinfeiern möchten, können sich freuen, dass die Jubiläumsfeier noch "im alten Kiez" stattfindet, und mögen sich bitte einfinden:

WO? Marianne, Mariannestr., Kreuzberg
WANN? 23.12.09, ab 21 Uhr
WIE? pazifistisch und umweltfreundlich sowie ausgestattet mit etwas Trinkgeld (hü) und am besten OHNE Geschenke!!!

Allen anderen wünscht die Kulturtipp-Redaktion sowie der Verein "MEDIENJOBS für ALLE" frohe und besinnliche Weihnachten sowie ebenso viel Optimismus und Kampfgeist fürs kommende Jahr!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

die wahren worte des tages

"Ein Anzug, der nichts kostet, taucht nicht. Es ist kein Taucheranzug!" Evje van Dampen

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

moogle gaps

mahoo yail
nave sow
sad ense

don't worry, this wasn't supposed to make sense. just playing;) REALLY!!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

vampires and werewolves

there's at least one thing to look forward to when you come home on a saturday night slash sunday morning and all you want is snuggle up in bed and read till you can't keep your eyes open...: number four of the twilight series, which after new moon and eclipse is called breaking dawn. yep. is it a good thing that my pregnant sister (due in a few days!!!) was actually sobbing when she finished reading it??? hmmm. must've been the hormones, huh!
well, i have to admit that i finally and quite unvoluntarily got sucked into the whole vampire meets weird teenage girl meets werewolf story. apart from a few little literary drawbacks (like utter indulgence in emotional misery, which tends to draw on any patient reader's commitment, and the occasional very obvious educational morale - apparently the author is a mormone and NOT into sex before marriage!? go figure!) i've quite enjoyed the ride so far.
so i guess i should get into bed and see if hormones make a difference after all, huh! or if i'm just as predictable as anyone else... will keep youse updated;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

rain and sunny patches

so. that's it. that's what a financial crisis feels like. do you know what it feels like? it feels like i'm not gonna have a job in a couple of weeks time. found out two weeks ago. first shock, then almost joy for all the new possibilities that suddenly come up, then anger because i've calculated how much (or little) money i'll get on the dole, then hope because i just found the perfect job and applied for it but the ad was already two weeks old, then disappointment because the galaxy decided this job is not for me... and then happiness about spending too much money on going out and booking a diving holiday in egypt.
financial crisis? whatever!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

poetic but just misunderstood

it's tuesday morning. you've just received an email from the faculty of humanities of an australian uni, expressing interest in publishing the paper you submitted about 2 and a half years ago about grotesquery and australian cinema. memories of painful thesis writing flood your brain along with a sizable splash of pride that someone far away is still thinking about you and something you created a long time ago (or so it seems). then you have a little peek at ebay if the auction on the macbook pro that you sooooooo want has already exceeded your non-existent budget. it has(n't) but it's still 22 hours to go. you keep thinking how wonderful life would be if you just had this new computer... and then you read this: my life and i split up 6 months ago. you think wow! someone must have been really depressed or just has a fantastic sense of humour and the poetic! turns out that life was actually wife...

oh well, tuesday mornings. we love them!

Monday, January 12, 2009


i'm sick. i've got the apple fever. again. all i wanted was to upgrade my beloved powerbook so i could install avid, some programme i want to show off with. of course hehehe.

anyway, after some research i discovered that i need to install the current operating system (leopard) because avid only runs with that. so then i looked at software to purchase but i didn't only look at the software. my eyes kept drifting off to forbidden shores, my fingers manouvering the cursor to fateful subsites... and now i'm right in the middle of a dilemma: i fell in love with the macbook pro. i can't afford it but i want it. real bad!!! it's strong and fast and sexy and i hate to say it but it's much better than my old one which has served it's purpose but cannot keep up anymore.

let's call my powerbook deirdre and the macbook pro would be candy. deirdre is wearing glasses and brown cardigans and always has a book with her at all times. she's highly intelligent but timid and repressed, a creative genius with an aged attitude. candy on the other hand is just real bouncy and takes the whole world by storm. she knows everything better, likes to intimidate others and sticks out like a sore thumb. her nickname is "eye candy"...

okayokayokay, i am sick, aren't i??? HELP!!!