Thursday, March 01, 2007

Everything's possible!!!

Long time, no write. Not that I've unlearned how to but apart from the usual day to day routine there's been a helluva lot going on. One of the major things that's been giving me headaches recently is a party project I got involved with. It started out as a funny idea and now it's actually happening. If you're in Berlin, check it out! If not, watch our little clip on the right. It's not great film art but it was fun shooting and editing it and it kinda gives you an idea where this project is headed. It's all about good music and funfunfun! And girls, of course!

Let's see if Berlin is ready for us!

And that's what it looks like when a group of girls get together to put ideas into practice

A couple of... what? pairs of shoes? Rights? Wrongs... uhm lefts?

Our star!

Soon UNtied!