Monday, May 30, 2005

Space Cowboy

We walked past this guy on our way from Fed Square (Paul had a book launch there) to a little bar on one of the lanes off Flinders St. I've seen him/her perform at Public Office before, a very cool club somewhere in North Melbourne where they have the best Electro parties. Anyway, this is the first one of my blind picture series. I'll try to hold the camera a bit steadier next time.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not a lucky girl...

I wrecked my new camera over the weekend. I guess I can still use it but the display is cracked. Might make a thing out of taking snapshots now (maybe they'll even be better than the ones before...). There's a theory somewhere in there, I can feel it, about spontaneity and creativity and the moment and chance. You can make that up for yourselves, though. Have to do all this original thinking far too much at the moment. Can't be bothered. In fact, right now I'm really quite tired. haven't slept properly in a week or two (might have to do with me and a certain girl, our love and our friendship, the other girl that I started seeing and of course not to forget: my thesis, which I have to submit in about 5 weeks).
Had a nice break from all of that when I was up in the country with Mark, the one and only. I guess I kind of hoped somebody else would take over my life and sort things out for me while I was gone. But then, it was only a weekend trip... Maybe I have to go away for longer next time. Huh. Maybe I just have to deal with all the stuff myself. AGAIN... Sometimes it's hard to be me, I tell you.

Well, I should be going. 5 weeks and 60 pages to go... I got a medical certificate this morning, just in case I need an extension after all. The doctor also gave me some light medication for sleepless nights. That might be the "turn-off-your-brain" button I've been waiting for (should be in-built, I reckon).

Yours truly, Sleepless in Melbourne

Monday, May 23, 2005


Isn't he cute! His hands shoved into his pockets like that...

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The heartbreaker of the lot. For some reason she was very affectionate. Maybe she liked my style - you know the army pants with the tracksuit jacket. Hope she didn't mistake me for the milk provider... intersting thought

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Among likeminded

Inga in the country feeling a bit shy amidst all these gorgeous creatures. At least they don't have army pants to show off with. Thinking about it - they were naked... AAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHH!

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Marky Mark

May I introduce you to Mark - he's so special. I don't know what to say...

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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Yep, that's me. Had a good day at uni (3 whole pages of regurgitated thoughts and facts!). And now I'm all gurgled out and ready to put my head in a toilet. BUT I might just reconsider that and put some real food in my poor little belly instead, even though it got treated with lots of cookies and coffee today. But since Anja and Erigge und I(gge) are going out tonight (apparently some death metal concert of Anja's ex-flatmate... will be interesting) I might just have to create a solid food base so the alcohol, which will very likely be consumed during the night to come, will not prevent me from coming back here (the office) tomorrow because I couldn't stand the thought of missing out on more frustrating regurgitation.
Feel the love, I say, and drink more coffee! humpf...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A good coffee place on Brunswick St

Atomica. Unfriendly staff but great coffee and hang-out area. Around the corner from everything. Used to live nearby.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

My second home

...or maybe my first one. It's been renovated recently, so there's lots of room for sleeping bags and picnic rugs. Might have a little pyjama party sometime... well, maybe not. I don't have a pyjama...
This odd edgy building in the background is the commerce building. Overbearing and deviant I find. Almost grotesque! (ooooooh!)

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Me & new hair in front of the Centre

It's short again and I'm loving it. Thanx to the fairy godmother of scissors and perfection! Good that I know how to bait her: fried dumplings and ice-cream. Sounds weird but it's yummy!

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Two hard working girls

We're in the same boat and we're having fun. Well, that is when we're not whinging to each other about all the stuff that we still need to do. But we're being held up by corn thins and cookies and cuppas of black tea.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Tag der Arbeit

It's May 1st and everybody knows what will happen today in Berlin. I'm somehow glad that I'm going to miss out on the riots and the teargas and the burning cars in the streets of Kreuzberg this year. It's eight in the morning back home, so I reckon right this minute police troops are in the process of setting up barriers and passing on last instructions about the strategies and dos and donots and such. It's wartime, it really is. Human logic and sensibility will be switched off today in people's heads, if peaceful demonstrator, pumped-up police, or rioter on principle. At some point you won't be able to tell anymore who's acting and who's reacting, who's the baddie and who's the gooddie. I just hope that Flo the Flitze will have part of his brain on emergency call just in case he needs it.

Anyways, I spent my weekend at uni and I actually got some stuff done. When I left the Oz Centre last night I was a bit frustrated because none of the things I had written seemed to sound right. And when I came in today again it actually did make sense after all, I just had to edit it here and there and finish bits and pieces or get rid of them. Feels good. Almost 10 percent of my workload is done. Another 90 to go... eeek! Oh well, I'm sure it's manageable.

Be good, everyone, and please take good care of yourselves today!!! Luv, Ingale