Friday, November 21, 2008

this morning

the first snow in berlin. while i was sitting on the train through the city and looking out the window i watched berlin turn from rain soaked to snow flaked.

have you ever noticed that snow bounces off your pants while you briskly walk to your final destination? (whoooooeeey, i just got an idea...) when i arrived at work i was freezing but most of my clothes were dry. most importantly my pants. nothing worse than sitting at your desk in underwear with your clothes drying on the heater. been there, done that...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

unwort des tages

haftnotizwürfel. weil det so sexy jefääääääährlisch klingt! wie 12 jahre ohne bewährung im offenen vollzug mit herbert, dem pazifistischen axtmörder, klaus, dem massigen kleinganoven, und boris, dem russischen mafioso.

Friday, November 07, 2008

the book of faces

i like the idea of a book made of faces. it would contain all kinds of faces: chubby, skinny, long, bony, round, black, white. but would it be a book with pictures of faces or is that not too easy? too boring?

wouldn't it have to be a book that gives the whole world just one face? in my imagination it would be a book that was made up of pieces of all kinds of faces from all over the world from as many people as possible. in the end the book of faces would look like a face itself. it would tell the story of all the faces it's made up of but one wouldn't have to read a word. it would show itself in this one image: the book of faces. the world's face.

if i was a photographer or an artist in general that would be my next project: collect pictures (or plaster casts???) of faces and then create one face. what would it look like? would it be anyone i might know? would it be ugly or not facelike at all?

well, if i was a normal person i would just get online on and chat with my friends and upload pictures and all that stuff. i would never think about the meaning of that word they created. did they think about it when they first came up with it? they must have. i wonder what they imagine what a book of faces would look like...

hmmmm. or maybe they meant the faces of books? omigod, a whole new dimension of thoughts is opening up... noooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh