Saturday, April 02, 2005

Exciting news

well, at least for me. Don't know how I'm going to pay for my living in April but I just won the bidding for a digital camera on ebay!!! Yey! I'll have my own camera soon and then I can provide you with some pictures of my ever so exciting life in down under, like my house, my flatmates, the Melbourne uni campus, the coffee place where I get my fix for the day (unless I'm at Ren's cafe first), Ren's cafe in Brunswick, Ren and all the other people I've talked about, myself (even though I'm really not very photogenic... but I figure since this is my blog you should also get to have a look at the person who writes all this interesting stuff and makes you want to come down to Melbourne and check it out because it's soooooooo cool!)

Anyway, it's now officially autumn here and apparently it's spring in the northern hemisphere. Well, so far autumn hasn't let me down. It's still sunny and warm and beautiful in Melbourne, so no need to get worried about me. Yet. I guess now that I'm raving about the great weather it's going to be the opposite pretty soon. But let's not talk about that just yet. I'm sure you'll hear all about it when it's actually happening.

Not much else to talk about though. Still bumming around mostly reading lots of cinema and gender studies stuff, watching films, and trying not to get too involved in emotional issues. The latter is sometimes a bit of a challenge but nothing like Inga at her best. Have been able to keep my feet on the ground while still enjoying the good bits about spending time with that very special person... Guess, I should get back to that half a page that I wrote a couple of hours ago before I got carried away with the ebay business. Naughty!

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greenasenvy said...


hier kriegste deinen ersten persoenlichen zungenkuss per email aus deutschland, verbalisiert durch mich, die marieke. war ja ein bueschn kompliziert, sich hier durchzuwursten, doch jetzt hab ich auch ne seite (animaldelmar), wo absolut nuescht draufsteht, wer will auch was ueber den bilinguismus in paraguay oder anderen scheiss wissen, der zur zeit meine zeit und gute laune auffrisst?

mir geht es allerdings eigentlich gut, 4 von den 5 scheinen, die mir noch fehlten, habe ich (denke ich), mein freund ist immer mein freund und ich denk an dich. immer, wenn ich am kotti bin und auch sonst. mach et jut, herz und schreib mich mal persoenlich, dann will ich allerdings auch was ueber emotional difficulties hoeren!

es kuesst dich deine m