Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter!

Easter is coming up, people are going away for a long weekend or spend some time with their families. Well, since my family is not here and I'm not too well equipped with monetary funds I'm just going to do quite uneasterly things like reading bits and pieces on masculinity and the grotesque body, which will no doubt be a fun thing to do. Mind you, I'm kinda getting into this stuff. I just have to make sure that I don't overload my poor little head and blow a fuse somewhere. That'd be not so nice. I'm quite confident though as to my ability of knowing when to stop and... eat chocolate eggs! Yey!

Monday, March 21, 2005


It's Monday again... wasn't it Monday just recently??? Not that I slept through the whole week but isn't it sometimes a little scary how quickly time passes? Anyway, had an awesome week: saw a coupl of films at the Queer Film Fest (another one tonight), spend some quality time with Ren (we didn't even get into a fight about some random thing which is usually the case when we hang out too much - seems like we are a bit more relaxed now about being with each other like that... feels good).

And now some major summer loving to my friends back home! I hear that spring has finally arrived which means that the tanning season is coming to an end down here... oh well, we made the most of it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Labour Day

Yey, it's Labour Day, so I got an excellent excuse for not having done any work at all today. I slept in (ended up having a bit too much to drink last night and then I also talked to my painfully missed ex-flatmate for an hour or so before I went to bed at 3 a.m.), had a quick Email check at uni, and then went to have lunch with friends until maybe 4 p.m. Tight schedule... Well, I was trying to be good and came back to uni but all I've been doing is surfing the net about stuff I could do when I eventually got this bloody degree. Must be good for something! I hope so, at least.

Just to make me feel better I'll walk past the library on my way home. Maybe all the studious energy flowing out of it will rub off on me... and if I'm really lucky it might draw me in and make me study. Wouldn't that be cool!

huh, I just remembered that the two lovely Germans from "the Gore" are back. Maybe I can make them spend some time with me and listen to me whinge about my life and the hardship of it all and stuff...

Friday, March 11, 2005

About mornings

I found another reason why I don't particularly like mornings: well, apart from the getting up part it also makes the day a VERY long day. Usually I go to bed VERY late at night, get up around midday, greet the day with a VERY large cup (back home it was a cereal bowl) of espresso with VERY frothy milk and then go out and get things done. Then sometime in the late afternoon/evening I make myself a VERY nice breakfast/dinner and go out again. Now, however, that I get up earlyish I could devour a horse by lunchtime and then another one around dinner time. Also (and I think that's the scary part), I have these unfortunate fits of chocolate frenzy. Go figure! I mean, I'm usually not into sweet stuff that much. Part of it might have something to do with a certain biological circumstance but that's only an excuse for about one forth of a month, so I wonder what has so much control over my body the remaining three weeks... Mmh, I have my theories but I don't want to share them yet. You might end up thinking I'm a bit of a nut (which I am if truth be told but only VERY few people know that).

Well, thanx for listening. I really had to talk to someone about that. And now back to work...

PS: Oma, you're probably the only one who is interested in my miserable existence, so (schnieff heul seufz) keep it up!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

All set up at last, yey!

I not only have a place to stay now, I also have a bed! A queen-size futon! Didn't want to get up this morning because it felt sooooo good just to lie there and finally feel settled. The thesis is also coming along nicely... well, that's a bit of an exaggeration since I haven't even started writing yet BUT at least I figured out a structure and I know fairly well which films I want to discuss. Even Prof. Schuelting liked it. She only objected a little to the size of my plan, which means I will have to cut down the number of chapters and films. Fair enough.

But I should really run now. Meeting Flo for lunch. I had to cancel on him yesterday (the bed-hunting took all day) and so he had to give away my mango lassi that he had gotten especially for me because he knows how much I like them. Isn't he sweet!

Well then, cheerio everyone, especially to those back home! Don't you worry, the sun will come out again eventually... chuckle...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

A new home

Finally... I found a place to live! Yey! After weeks of constant rejection or friendly ignorance I can proudly call myself a regular tenant again. Not a guest, not an asylum seeker, not a couch potatoe, not a miserable homeless German impertinently complaining about the weather and such important things... no more of that! I paid my first month's rent yesterday and now it's just about organizing the picking up of furniture from a friend's house (conveniently they've got lots of stuff in their shed they don't need anymore!) and moving the contents of my backpack (it seems to have grown because half of my stuff doesn't fit in anymore... figure that!), probably in a couple of extra plastic garbage bags... I'm really happy about this new situation because I started feeling very uncomfortable at my friend's house, not because we don't like each other (rather the opposite) but as a friend of mine has put it very adequately: visitors are like fish: they start stinking after three days. I wonder what fish smells like after four weeks???

Well, I wish I had a camera to show you some pictures of my new place and the people I hang out with... Flo said he might sell me his when he goes back in April. So, be patient! It's just a matter of time.

Spent the afternoon at the beach yesterday with the boys. The first time in ages that I had a swim in the Pacific... Gosh! Anyway, I forgot how salty real seawater is. Makes you very thirsty and a bit silly too, so Flo and Erik and Tim made this little film and I decided I wanted to be part of it and turned into a half-naked nymph of the sea luring the two main characters in the water to play with me while my friends, the seagulls, helped themselves to the two silly guy's food. Got a bit sunburnt in the process (patches here and there... in some very odd places...) but it was worth it.
Speaking of films: seems like the weather report for today was a bit wrong which means that we will spent another evening at the Botanical Gardens Open Air Cinema tonight. Film: Somersault (2004). Coming-of-age story. Supposed to be well worth seeing. I'm curious.

No worries! (my favourite Oz response to almost everything)