Monday, June 19, 2006

All you need is... three feet dummdadummdadah

Since today's glorious morning I am a three-legged and one-crutch-handed almost-human being again. Yey to all the little fairies and monsters that kept me crutching! Since I'm taking care of myself (because the doctor's practice where I used to go is a twit-house and the surgeon, who fiddled around with foot while I was unconscious, is too hot-shot for me to be a regular patient... so much for public health insurance...) I decided it's time for me to reclaim my naughtiness and take the plunge into tripediality (Latin meaning: two (almost) functioning human feet supported by a crutched foot). I'm experimenting here but as long as foot is not complaining I'll just keep doing it.

I watched the Socceroos play against Brazil yesterday. We cheered and clapped and booed and aaaahed in a beergarden that was predominantly crowded by lethargic and geeky Brazil fans. We did well though, even when the Aussies started losing. Well, our support didn't help much I guess but at least the Brazilians had to put up a good fight before they could walk off the field and wallow in their laborious victory. Go Oz!!!

Afterwards two beautiful ladies and me moved on to some major summer worshipping at the EastBeach (Oststrand), a river beach bar that is enclosed by remnants of the wall on one side and the river Spree on the other. We sat and laughed next to the East Side gallery, which still serves as the city's history-ladden open-air canvas. I'm not an expert but some spots deserve better!

It was eerie to think about the fact that where we were sitting and enjoying each other's company, people used to get shot at because they were sick and tired of paternalism and punishment for each and every non-conform action and opinion...

The inner-city sunset in the sand was gorgeous though and worth the painful experience of watching the fight and defeat against Brazil. Then again, it's not such a shameful failure after all, since it was Brazil and not just SOME team that the Socceroos lost against. The Brazilians definitely didn't deserve the 2nd goal as far as I'm concerned. If Ronaldo&Co hadn't been so damn lucky, the Socceroos would have kicked some butt there.

And now back to the studio...