Monday, September 19, 2005

Election day

hey folks!

Long time, no write. Hence there's quite a few news to report (if anyone is still checking this blog after such a long time of neglect...).

1. Elections. Germany decides today if Maggy Thatcher II will take over the reign of this ailing country... If there wasn't enough reason before to emigrate, then there definitely would be... We can only hope and get drunk all the while. I was going to be a good girl tonight but I think it's going to be a close thing between the German Labour and Conservative side. Too much anxiety and also fear of a conservative tidal wave that needs to be drowned. Wish us luck!!!

2. I got a job. Unfortuantely it's one of those money-earning jobs: threetimes a week I stand my feet sore in a shoe shop. Guess what I'm doing there! Yes, I'm selling shoes. Call me Al. Al Bundy. I've heard this one many times...

3. I might get a real job soon. Maybe. I don't want to build up any expectations. The only downside to that: I would have to move to Munich... It's prbably not that bad down there after all but I've got soooo many preconceptions and second-hand experiences with this city and its arrogant inhabitants that I'm not too happy to maybe live there. For two years! But if they offer me this TV-cadettship (a mixture between a job and traineeship as a journalist) I'd be absolutely sick in the brain to not do it. We'll see. Anything is better than selling shoes...

4. You probably knew it all along. And I probably knew it as well: no matter where I go I get myself into the same kind of unhealthy emotional situations that I know so well. I'm handling everything much better (got a lot of experience of course) but that doesn't mean that it's less difficult... people...

5. That's it for now. OOOH, I forgot the most important: I'm now officially a MISTRESS of the ARTS. I finished my degree with a distinction (exams + thesis), which is good but also rather average. I guess there's worse. Well, I can find solace in the fact that my supervisor is a tough cookie when it comes to grading but she gave me an excellent feedback. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the mark but after her assessment of my thesis I left her office with a big and proud smile. So, I guess it's all good.

Right kids, winter is slowly returning to the northern hemisphere. Today will probably be the last of the Indian summer days for this year. I'm going to go to the park now with Kassandra. She's a book by a very well-known and awfully brilliant German writer (Christa Wolf, if anyone is interested in checking it out). I tell you: every sentence a little piece of art.

Lots of love to everyone! shucks i