Thursday, November 17, 2005


For the first time in my little uninspired life I got an autograph... Some people might not find this significant but I do. And this is my blog. Huh. So, Monday night, it was cold and dark but there was a plan. Dinner and music. It turned out to be Thai for dinner and a One-man-happy-Aussie-folk-show for the music part. I almost choked to death over my green curry, which might have been the hotness of the yummy food, my desire to talk as much as I could while eating (which is sometimes not such a good idea) OR the company... An extremely small Aussie girl was sitting across from me (no names here. Don't want to offend anyone.) . Could that have startled me enough to choke on a green pea??? Who knows. I'm not a vengeful person, so I didn't make her run after the car but offered her the passenger seat next to me.

I'm going to skip some of the really exciting bits and get to the point: Xavier Rudd, who I can only describe as the happy Australian version of Ben Harper (although i realise that it's not fair to XR to compare him to anyone at all), really rocked the Kalkscheune, even though there were not as many people as there should have been. Well, they missed out big time because this little blond Aussie guy just really knows how to wrap his serious pleads into summerlike storms of beaming sunrays, thundering waves and mind-blowing, hip-moving beats and sounds. Anyone who hasn't had the chance to see him yet and will have the opportunity, should go and see him. You won't regret it! Unless you don't want to get addicted. Well, it's too late for me! Ani is still my top girl but Xavier is somewhere up there with her. Andy and I met him as we were walking out and he was not only nice but also down to earth and surprisingly open, given that he does concerts for a living. There and then he signed first Andy's CD and then mine. I felt a bit like a groupie but he didn't seem to mind at all. He even carried an Edding with him so he could sign anything anytime. He's coming back in March. I know where I'll be when he's on stage here in Berlin... PEACE!

Now back to real life. As I've announced before: I'm now officially freed of any semblance with Al Bundy! No shoes, no shoe talk, no sales voices, no customers, none of that anymore! YEY!

My mother got sooo excited about it that her heart decided to skip a few beats again. I had to take her to hospital yesterday morning after an ordeal of convincing her to let me take her and not ignore the bad state she was in. She can be a tough cookie, my mother, but when it comes to looking after her own increasingly fragile body or letting someone else take over the looking after or expressing concern she is like a little kid who doesn't want to take a bath because she doesn't like water. Well, I spend a long time in the emergency ward waiting. It turned out they had forgotten me, so that I only found out that my mother had been admitted to hospital after four hours. She was much better when I eventually sat by her side but they still need to send some electric shockwaves through her to make her heart conform again. Hopefully she'll be out of hospital tonight. Have I mentioned that I love my mother amazingly much!

And what have we learned from all that? Avoid green peas and keep your excitement to yourself!

It's all good. At least it will be very soon. Look, Oi don't agree but Oi think it's noice. Different. Unusual...