Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not a lucky girl...

I wrecked my new camera over the weekend. I guess I can still use it but the display is cracked. Might make a thing out of taking snapshots now (maybe they'll even be better than the ones before...). There's a theory somewhere in there, I can feel it, about spontaneity and creativity and the moment and chance. You can make that up for yourselves, though. Have to do all this original thinking far too much at the moment. Can't be bothered. In fact, right now I'm really quite tired. haven't slept properly in a week or two (might have to do with me and a certain girl, our love and our friendship, the other girl that I started seeing and of course not to forget: my thesis, which I have to submit in about 5 weeks).
Had a nice break from all of that when I was up in the country with Mark, the one and only. I guess I kind of hoped somebody else would take over my life and sort things out for me while I was gone. But then, it was only a weekend trip... Maybe I have to go away for longer next time. Huh. Maybe I just have to deal with all the stuff myself. AGAIN... Sometimes it's hard to be me, I tell you.

Well, I should be going. 5 weeks and 60 pages to go... I got a medical certificate this morning, just in case I need an extension after all. The doctor also gave me some light medication for sleepless nights. That might be the "turn-off-your-brain" button I've been waiting for (should be in-built, I reckon).

Yours truly, Sleepless in Melbourne

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