Friday, February 29, 2008

turkish delights

1. rising early - despite the fact that it was supposed to be a holiday, we frequently got a wake-up call at six in the morning. it didn't matter that no-one had ever asked for any such thing...

2. smiling not recommended - politeness gives a lot of space for interpretation... too much space. especially for the male turk.

3. ancient greek history - apparently non-existent in the area of today's turkey. and if you wanna know why there are so many greek inscriptions on the ancient sites, the answer is very simple: greek writing was so popular back then that the romans used it too. latin was a dead language even in those times, hey!

4. please wear your blinkers - if you look around too much you might notice all the garbage on the side of the road... we love plastic bottles!!!

5. no bending over in jeans - if you do that you might find yourself asked by 3 fifty something male pigs if you could please solve the riddle: are you wearing underwear???

6. not in times of crisis - going on a package tour is a game of russian roulette in itself. relationship troubles diminish your chances of winning the game. severely!

7. home sweet home - there's no place like home, that's for sure!

BUT if you ignore points 1 to 7 one could say that it was a brilliant holiday...

6 comments: - emil & mila said...

...the pic of the beach looks great though (ignoring points 1 to 7):
you had at least some SUNLIGHT!!! - emil & mila said...

AND: we are soooo glad you're back!!!

nightingale said...

danki ihr siesssen!!!

kuss von tanti i

animaldelmar said...

mensch, tanti ingi. ick find ooch, ditte einklich nich meckern kannst. ich mein, schon die ZAHLEN 1 bis 7 sind so unwichtig. hier: 1

3 2 465 7

das sieht doch doof aus. PUNKTE eins bis sieben noch viel dööfer: .

. . ... .

siehste. denn kannste die getrost vergessen und dich freuen, dass du mit deiner knackbräune uns käsequanken mal den marsch blasen kannst.


Bibi Blogsberg said...

ham se dich irgendwo eingemauert?

Bibi Blogsberg said...

machste jetzt einen auf erikschmittzke? ich find es wird zeit für ein bisschen weltensicht. aus deiner perspective! regnerische melbourner grüsse ins schneiende (?) berlin?