Wednesday, November 14, 2007

this year's worst month award...

... GOES TO:

november. this month is not even half done and it's already quite clear. the decision was easy:

1. mom is in hospital suffering from an acute loss of hearing. she's already been operated on and may go home tomorrow hopefully.

2. i've already spent too much money this month on presents... duh!

3. work is still a challenge, sometimes in the good sense, right now in the bad sense. don't know why people have to make it so difficult for their employees...

4. had a couple of doctor's appointments but instead of treating their patients doctors nowadays seem to take pleasure in making people wait by chatting to colleagues and then calling people in, whose turn was AFTER me!!! ARRRRGH!

5. it's bloody cold already, which means that this year's winter will be horrible

6. my way to work is being complicated by construction work on my line

it can only get better, hey!

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