Monday, November 26, 2007

did i really...

... say it could only get better??? you did? you didn't, did you? well, yes i did. little did i know that i was gonna have another week from hell!

7. my orthopaedist had a serious chat with me the other day. the bottomline was: i'm gonna have to have another operation done. not the right foot this time, no. it's my left hip that needs surgery. it'd be funny if it wasn't so fucked up!

8. my powerbook is dead, well maybe just sick but it seemed pretty dead to me. i took it to an apple store to find out if it can be fixed and if i can afford it, which i can't but what are parents for, hey?

9. i had to send back my new mobile because it's already fucked.

10. i got caught by a speed camera. fuck!

11. bending over is a bitch! coz my back is still hurting from this monster wave that broke over me at the end of my holiday on Gomera. yep! real drama!!! real pain!

there's still a few november days left. luckily i'm not the only one who's having a shit time right now!


animaldelmar said...

wenn ich wüsste, wie ich all diese wirklich gravierenden scheisserlebnisse lindern könnte, ich würd's tun. in der zwischenzeit küsse ich dich einfach immer mal wieder und denke weiter nach...

ingale said...

ich sach nur schoß und schritt.

kussssssssssssssssssssssss i