Monday, February 21, 2005

The day after

wooahhwooahhwoahh, I had the best time over the weekend! Not that I found a place to live or anything BUT I have a job, which is almost as important right now. I can work at the Lounge (a bar/cafe/restaurant in the city) once a week and whenever they need someone. Thanx to Grace, who's one of the shift managers there. It's always good to have connections! Paul also works there ( I think he has been for the last five years). I must relearn, however, to carry three plates again. Haven't worked in hospitality for almost two years, so I guess all the muscles that I once had are gone. Bugger.

Anyhow, after "work" Paul and Grace and Flo and his flatmate Will and I all went to this Electro-Party in West Melbourne. (I left out the bit about me stepping in someone's vomit...) It was such a great night. I danced like a maniac and got pretty drunk (which means that I also didn't have my frustration level under control...) Luckily I'm too shy to act upon my instincts when I'm like that, so I ended up on Flo's couch. Sunday was not quite as exciting but an okay finish to a fantastic weekend. Looked at a couple of houses (one was in Brunswick West which is a bit too far out even though I really liked the people and they wanted me to move in but I just don't want to live around there... was a hard decision). The other house would be perfect, so I expect them to call me tonight or write an SMS saying: we found someone else to move in with us. good luck. Yeah, right! No worries. Everything else seems to work out right now so it's just going to be a matter of time until I find something.

Went to see Kate, the head of the Australian Centre, today and now I'm quite relieved because I'm not in trouble after all. Rather the opposite: we cleared the whole business with the Cinema Dept and then she introduced me to a couple of people and said something about a weekly meeting that I should attend and stuff. She was really helpful!

All in all, things are really bright and colourful right now. Yey!

PS: Avocado on Jeans looks like baby-vomit too!

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