Tuesday, January 15, 2008


today is another beautifully cold and sunny day and it's gonna be crammed with all kinds of itsy bits that i have to take care of at work. i'm feeling quite optimistic that it's gonna be good today.

and after work i'm going to the swimming pool. i'm actually looking forward to it and that makes me really proud of myself. maybe i should thank the kinesiology woman though because even though i'm constantly planning to do exercise i never get around to it. there's always some excuse. but she made me choose one day of the week and verbally commit to it. magic! the mind is a powerful thing! when you know how to work it that is hehehe.


animaldelmar said...

yes! that's right! go treat yourself to some exercise, babe! im ernst: man kann sich kaum einen größeren gefallen tun, als sich selbst große gefallen zu tun. kinesiologie, psychotherapie, schwimmen, laufen, atmen, küssen: all diese dinge, die einem helfen, sich zu verstehen. naja, küssen fällt vielleicht raus, ist aber auf jeden fall auch ne form von therapie. sexual healing und so... :) du machst das gut, schöne. und dass der tag schön ist, machts noch schöner.

ingale said...

right on! i'm gonna knutsch again this weekend. and maybe more! i mean MORE! hihi