Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mission accomplished

Okay, so I've been meaning to update this cute little website for ages. I haven't gotten around to it so far because:

1. My laptop can unfortunately NOT receive the DSL vibes (yeah! Peace, man!) from my sister's apartment two floors down from mine, so that I have to check my mail and stuff on her laptop because I don't want to carry mine around all the time. My shoulders are tight enough! And now I also have a BAD ankle that's giving me shit, especially when I walk up and down stairs. But watch OUT! The little bugger will have to put up a fight with some angels in white who are going to cut my foot open to call for obedience!!!

2. There are loads of photos on my laptop that I've been meaning to put up to show you all the exciting things, at least little momentary cut-outs, life in practical frozen doses so to say, that have been happening since the last time I wrote.

3. Here I am, obeying a request from overseas (shouldn't you work, honey!!!). What happened, you might wonder... Where are the pictures??? Well, I'm sitting at my sister's desk and the pictures are on mine, of course! I just told you, stupid!

Right. Coming up very soon (yeah right!): adventures from Erik's latest film shoot (this time I was more than just a bare-breasted monster!), Inga's birthday pics, the obligatory X-Mas pics with the family and all. War zone pics from Berlin Kreuzberg on New Years Eve. And all kinds of other stuff.

So, check it out! And be amazed! Whoooooaaaaa!


SchnautzeJunge said...

In freudiger Erwartung der Filmdrehfotos schreibe ich diesen Kommentar.

Wann werden wir unsere heissen Lippen wieder an einander drücken?


scotspotter said...

Vielleicht sollte ich doch im Februar nach Berlin kommen und ein bisschen fuer Recht und Ordnung sorgen...
IngaPinga, come and see me!
Fl. Eggo

greenasenvy said...

wer knutscht hier wen? und warum inga denn einen jungen? und dann auch noch so einen haarigen? i don't get it! inga, schoene fotos, ich hab richtig "heimweh" gekriegt, what with the ausblick und so. so, jetzt bin ich mal wieder fleissig,,,